THIRD OF NEVER performs live at The Record Collector

record collector 5


On March 8, THIRD OF NEVER performed live at The Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ.

Set list:

Automat (from ‘Downrising’)

Indian (from ‘Downrising’)

On My Way (from ‘Downrising’)

Everyday Is A Lonely Night (from ‘Moodring’)

Deep Run (from ‘Moodring’)

Flares (from ‘Downrising’)

Bag Of Boxes (from ‘Moodring’)

Green Roses (from ‘Downrising’)

Life Saver (from ‘Life Saver’ ep/’Downrising’)

The Seeker (from ‘Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy’)

DJ (from ‘Moodring’)

Wide Awake Sleeping (from ‘Moodring’)

Anybody’s Anything (from ‘Moodring’)

Colourblind (from ‘Newsongtoo’)


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