Third Of Never on Overnight Sensations

Newfoundman – “A Ghost at Home” – A Ghost at Home
After the Burn – “Shot In the Back” – Frustrate on Repeat
Dinosaur Eyelids – “Into the Woods” – Left Turn on Red
Overlake – “Unnamed November” – Fall
Mr. Payday – “Set to Automatic” – Welcome to the Modern World
Third of Never – “Austerity” – Austerity
The RocknRoll Hi-Fives – “Holidaze” – (single)
The Brixton Riot – “Maybe Tomorrow” – Close Counts
The Clydes – “Broken Boy” – So the Story Goes
Fluoride – “Restraint” – Fluoride
My Heart and the Real World – “False Star” – My Heart and the Real World
Atom Driver – “Play Dead” – In the West
RGD – “Gone Today” ­– Northern Late Nights
The Stuntcocks – “She Gets All Her Pets High” – Lost Cassette
Lowlight – “Where Do We Go From Here” – Where Do We Go From Here
Live set by Glazer: “Trim Your Limbs” “Making This Shithole a Shithome” “Working Man’s Dog” “Disaster Footage” “Structured Lifestyle” “Made of Meat”

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