Podcast: Tim Powles of The Church, All India Radio and Carina Messier

Martin Kennedy of All India Radio

In this episode longtime Church drummer/producer Tim Powles pulls back the curtain on the band’s creative process and tells the story of a “lost” album that’s yet to see the light of day. Martin Kennedy from All India Radio talks about his sublime new album (which features Devin Townsend and Yin) along with a forthcoming Pink Floyd project. Newcomer Carina Messier talks about the influence of family and astronomy on her stunning debut EP.

The interviews with Carina Messier and Martin Kennedy were recorded in 2021. The Tim Powles interview was recorded while the Church was on tour in 2019.

Tim Powles on stage with The Church

Carina Messier – https://carinamessier.bandcamp.com/releases
All India Radio – https://shop.allindiaradioband.com/album/afterworld
Tim Powles – https://www.thechurchband.net/
Jon Dawson – http://www.thirdofnever.com/

CLICK HERE to stream or download the podcast.

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