Third Of Never on KOR Radio in the UK

I Don’t Hear A Single is a weekly Radio Show broadcast on Friday at 8 pm UK Time. You can find it here.

Don Valentine‎ – I Don’t Hear A Single Radio Show

October 19, 2017 ·

It’s been a cracking couple of weeks of releases which means I need to get my arse in gear and review some. In the meantime, tomorrow’s radio show will give you a flavour. Here’s the playlist :

Feeder – Buck Rogers
Third Of Never – Austerity
Shrug Life – First World Problems
Groovy Uncle – Our Gary’s No Fool
UV PØP – Anyone For Me
Horizon Arcs – Fast Forward
Future Teens – In Love Or Whatever
Kris Rodgers – Rock N’ Roll Radio
Avora Records – We Happy Few
Berwanger – The Astronaut
The Moms – Good Job
Robyn Gibson – 5D
Salto – Home Again
Takotsubo Men – Tony Szabo Destroyed Everything
Linda Perhacs – Crazy Love
Gentlemen Jackals – Waiting For The Day

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