Third Of Never on WRSU

WRSU-FM’s Overnight Sensations – October 20, 2017 Recap

Third of Never – “Kidnapped Information” – Austerity
Dinosaur Eyelids – “Into the Woods” – Left Turn on Red
Atom Driver – “Play Dead” – In the West
Fluoride – “Due Process” – Fluoride
dollys – “sugartooth” – tense
Screaming Females – “Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift cover) – A.V. Club Thing
Above the Moon – “Stop Trying” – The Distance Is the Same
Roadside Graves – “Gospel Radio” – Acne/Ears
Lowlight – “Bones” – Where Do We Go From Here
The RocknRoll Hi-Fives – “Holidaze” – (single)
Damfino – “Quarter One” – One False Move and I’m Yours
Live set by halcionne: “Prelude” “Meticulum’s Lament” “Chiasmus” “Open House” “Continuo” “Hyperballad” (Björk cover) “Piromance”

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